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  1. Garantievoorwaarden: Bkool Smart Bike Meer informatie met betrekking tot de garantie vindt u in de garantievoorwaarden van de leverancier. Deze garantie is een extra garantie van de leverancier en heeft geen invloed op uw rechten volgens de algemene wettelijke voorwaarden
  2. Have your own smart bike or smart trainer? For a fully immersive experience, our simulator is compatible with other brands of smart trainers. So you can be part of the BKOOL community no matter which smart bike or smart-trainer you own. View compatible smart trainers. A new session every day. 10.4 km. Milan - Sanremo. Easy. 30.9 km. Ghent.
  3. Bkool Smart Bike, the most advanced indoor bike ResistanceSystem of permanent magnets. No friction. 1500 different positions. Power850W at 90 rpm / 1500W at 120rpm ConnectionsWireless ANT+, Bluetooth Smart TransmissionPoly-V belt. Externally adjustable tension
  4. Bkool says: The only indoor bike with automatic resistance control. The heart of Bkool Smart Bike is connected to the internet. Although you can disconnect it and connect it whenever you want. That's why you do not need controls or screens: you control your bike with your smartphone, tablet or PC and see the image on your screens (or on your TV)
  5. The Bkool Smart Bike is one of the first controllable smart exercise bikes available in the US. Resistance is automatically controlled based on your fitness level, the intensity of the workout, or the terrain of a Route. Finally, a super quiet exercise bike that the entire family can enjoy. And one that will help you achieve your fitness goals
  6. The Bkool Smart 2 Bicycle is a smart bike with a gear change and calibration, so you can enjoy fitness classes or routes in our simulator. A perfect product for a hybrid use between cycling and fitness. It combines the most advanced simulator with the latest technology on the market, offering an unparalleled user experience

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  1. BKOOL opts to focus 100% on the simulator and stops manufacturing hardware; What can void the warranty on a BKOOL product? What are the warranty conditions for BKOOL products? Is my BKOOL Smart under warranty? Bkool Smart Bike. Manual. Getting started - BKOOL Smart Bike; My BKOOL Smart Bike is making a strange noise; Maintaining your Bike
  2. Do you want to buy a Bkool Smart Bike, but not sure what is included in the box? In this video, we unpack and build the Bkool Smart Bike step by step giving.
  3. Pairing the Smart Bike with BKOOL Cycling Once registered, you have to pair your device (trainer, Bike, heart rate monitor, etc.) with the Simulator. To do so, the first time you open it, the following screen will be shown, with the two communication technologies that you can use, ANT + and Bluetooth, shown as activated or deactivated in the upper right
  4. This smart bike is a great pick for spinning fans, but the closed Bkool ecosystem will be off-putting for som
  5. The Smart Bike comes with a three-month subscription to Bkool's indoor training app. That's a good thing because at time of writing it's not really widely su..
  6. The BKool Smart Pro + folds down to a small size and is easy to set up thanks to a tool-free brake fit, telescopic front bar for stability and a bike frame that just leans back to engage the big..
  7. Bkool Smart Air Fietstrainer voor slechts €796.95 Deze Bkool Smart Air fietstrainer is hét topmodel van Bkool en kan tot maximaal 3000 watt aan weerstand leveren

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  1. Met veel apps is het ook mogelijk om aan virtual spinning te doen. Bij Bkool zijn de mogelijkheden hiervoor momenteel nog beperkt. De enige manier waarop je dit mogelijk kunt maken, is met de Bkool Smart Bike. Dit kun je zien als een spinningfiets en fietstrainer in 1, zoals je kunt zien op onderstaande foto
  2. Het hart van Bkool Smart Bike is verbonden met het internet. Hoewel je deze verbinding kunt verbreken en aansluiten wanneer je wilt. Hiervoor heb je geen afstandsbediening of scherm nodig: je bestuurt je fiets met je smartphone, tablet of PC en ziet het beeld op dat scherm (of op je TV). Automatische weerstand Het kan tot 1.500W bereiken
  3. Indoor Fietsen Bkool Smart Bike. Indoor Fietsen Bkool Smart Bike De enige slimme indoorfiets Het hart van Bkool Smart Bike is verbonden met het..
  4. Bkool Pro II Trainer Smart Fietstrainer voor slechts €360.95 Deze Bkool Pro II Trainer fietstrainer is de opvolger van de succesvolle Pro I fietstrainer. Nu nog stiller en voorzien van een nieuw design
  5. Bkool Smart Bike 2 Indoor Fietsen + 3 Maanden Premium Abonnement . Helaas is dit product niet meer leverbaar. Maar maak je geen zorgen, want we hebben een nieuw model met dezelfde kenmerken en compatibel met BKOOL-software
  6. De Smart Air is daarnaast ook nog eens een direct drive trainer. Dat wil zeggen dat de trainer de plaat inneemt van het achterwiel uit je fiets. De trainer is mede dankzij Bluetooth and ANT+ te gebruiken in combinatie met de bijgeleverde Simulator software van Bkool maar ook met die van derden zoals bijvoorbeeld Zwift

De BKool Smart PRO2 trainer (€ 574) heeft een krachtige (magnetische) motor die 1200 watt kan leveren. Dit staat garant voor mogelijke beklimmingen tot 20%. Deze trainer is ook mooi stil en. Bkool Smart AIR Trainer. New power meter An advanced infrared sensor measures the internal temperature to determine power. Powerful It can reach up to 3,000W. Recreated gradients of up to 25%. Feel its power with every pedal stroke! Super stable Its V-shaped legs provide total stability. Rocking Syste NEO Bike Smart. De Tacx NEO Bike Smart is een revolutionaire Smart bike speciaal ontwikkeld voor een ongeëvenaarde, unieke en meeslepende ervaring. Deze fietstrainer is uitgerust met levendige features zoals Virtual shifting, Gear feel en Descent simulation Zycle Smart ZBike Indoor Bike + 3 Months of Subscription Premium Bkool The most advanced indoor bike. The new Zbike from Zycle now compatible with all the apps on the market. With a totally innovative aesthetic and an exclusive design. A smart bike that you will enjoy our fitness classes or routes in any training software such as Zwift, Bkool, Rouvy, Trainerroad. A perfect product for a hybrid.

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Neo Bike Smart T8000 Fietstrainer koop je bij 12GO Biking Voor 20:00u besteld? Morgen in huis! Gratis bezorging boven de €50 Gratis ruilen Kom langs in onze megastore in Moordrech The only indoor bike with automatic resistance control. The heart of Bkool Smart Bike is connected to the internet. Although you can disconnect it and connec.. Discover the best training option for cyclists. You can compete with our thousands of users around the world in real time. Squeeze your Smart roller with the BKOOL platform, designed by and for cyclists. REAL Feel the slope you face on each pedaling, take advantage of the other cyclists' rebuild and choose your terrain. Enjoy the brake of the wind against or sliding by the rain

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The Smart Pro 2 is a pro level controllable smart trainer and the evolution of Bkool's legendary Smart Pro. The bold yellow resistance unit is more than just a color change; the radically designed housing features a ventilation system that makes the Pro 2 quieter and cooler than ever before Bkool is marketing their Smart Pro trainer with their new Bkool simulator which is basically a cycling app. You don't need to use both together, you could use this trainer with another third party online training platforms such as Zwift or TrainerRoad (after updating the firmware), and equally, you could use the BKool software with a competitor smart trainer De Neo Bike Smart heeft verstelbare onderdelen voor een fijne fietshouding en is zowel met als zonder stroom te gebruiken. Op de Tacx Neo Bike Smart T8000 doe je een zeer realistische indoor fietstraining, zonder dat je daar nog een racefiets voor nodig hebt 1. Download Bkool Cycling onto your computer, tablet or smartphone (compatible with Mac, PC, iOS and Android tablets, and Android smartphones). 2. Pair your Wahoo Smart trainer with Bkool, via Bluetooth or ANT+ connection. 3. All ready to go! Enjoy indoor cycling like you have never imagined before

The Bkool Smart Bike automatically sets the resistance level, adjusting to your power level. It's capable of hitting resistance of up to 850 watts at 90rpm or 1500 watts at 120rpm Bkool Smart Air Lite ride. Jumping on the bike the ride feel is noticeably different due to the trainer's Rocking System, which has been designed to replicate a more realistic ride feel with a. Ending the production of our hardware was a difficult decision; Bkool pioneered the development of Smart Trainers. Despite our company's size and resources, we have done a good job. But we do not believe that it is our place as a company to compete against Elite, Tacx, Saris or Wahoo, but to develop our simulator so that everyone can enjoy the best indoor cycling experience possible BKool has stopped making trainers so these should become increasingly cheaper as they sell out with the company concentrating on their app. But if you've never owned a smart trainer this is a nice cheap way to enter into the Zwift world of riding. This model only goes up to an 8% simulation but that is pretty hard anyway

Bkool Cycling Simulator. Purchasing the Smart Go gives you three months of access to the Bkool Cycling Simulator, which is full of virtual routes, workouts, races, and even a virtual velodrome If your bike has a rear thru-axle, you'll need to buy a Bkool thru-axle converter to be able to use it on the Smart Pro 2 - it's a £50 extra and you need to choose the right one of the. The Smart Air comes with a three-month subscription to Bkool's indoor training app. That's the same as you get with the £349 Smart Go trainer, which is a bit of a disappointment; it wouldn't hurt the bottom line to extend the free period for buyers of the more expensive gear. Bkool's online environment has come a long way in the past few years

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Bkool Smart Pro 2 from Libor Tomáš September 9, 2020 . Trenažer Bkool Smart Pro 2, dnes značka změnila název na Zycle, tento trenažer překvapil výbavou, v balení je jak samotný trenažer, tak i podložka pod přední kolo, ale i USB ANT+ stick pro připojení k PC Bkool Have been using now for nearly 2 years with Elite Direto Smart trainer using Ant+ as preferred connection, also with Wahoo bolt connected with the usual Heart rate strap and speed and cadence sensor all show connection within the pairing of devices, connection to the internet is through network cable, I have found Bkool to be a great experience, never had any issues and the realism is. Bkool Smart Pro Fietstrainer. Smart Bike/Stationaire trainer: Bij deze trainers heb je geen fiets meer nodig om te trainen, maar rij je direct op het apparaat, dit geeft een nog echter gevoel. Smart trainer: Trainingen hiermee zijn uit te lezen via software maar de trainer kan niet aangestuurd worden Bkool Smart Pro 2 Fietstrainer. Smart Bike/Stationaire trainer: Bij deze trainers heb je geen fiets meer nodig om te trainen, maar rij je direct op het apparaat, dit geeft een nog echter gevoel. Smart trainer: Trainingen hiermee zijn uit te lezen via software maar de trainer kan niet aangestuurd worden Bkool Smart Go Trainer Virtual Fietstrainer Wit voor slechts €273.95 De Bkool Smart Go Trainer Virtual is een geavanceerde fietstrainer met 800 Watt vermogen en een uitgebreide simulator voor realistisch trainen

  1. BKool Smart Air Lite: £749.99; Elite Direto XR: £824.99 / $949.99 / €849.99 Direct drive trainers require you to remove the rear wheel and connect your bike to the trainer via a standard.
  2. Hi I wanted to try out Bkool for the first time this evening - but I couldn't even get started. Just for background, I don't have a smart trainer, just a normal one with speed and cadence sensors. The problem is, Bkool will pick up and connect to my speed, cadence and heart rate sensors, but..
  3. BKool smart bike - wheel scraping: Virtual Training: Bkool, Zwift, CycleOps & others: 1: 5 May 2019: C: Some help with the bkool smart bike i've just bought. Virtual Training: Bkool, Zwift, CycleOps & others: 0: 27 Mar 2019: P: Bkool Smart Pro 2 Issue - Unable to connect - LED Flashes every 30 sec: Training: 0: 27 Oct 2020: bkool resistance.
  4. An interesting entry into the smart bike market from Bkool, but not without its issue
  5. Bkool heeft veel succes met klassieke Smart trainers waarin je een wiel plaatst. Maar ook de Direct Drive trainers doen het goed. De Smart air lite en de Smart air bijvoorbeeld. Vooral de Smart Air levert waanzinnige prestaties. 3000 watt aan gesimuleerd vermogen en 25% stijgingspercentage. Fietsen met een Smart Air voelt bijna als echt fietsen
  6. This smart bike is a great pick for spinning fans, but the closed Bkool ecosystem will be off-putting for some facebook twitter pinterest Nick Harris-Fry 7 Aug 2018Advertisement When setting up an indoor cycling session it's absolute vital to have some kind of entertainment available, because nothing saps motivation quicker than the uninspiring, unchanging sight [

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The Bkool Smart Pro 2 (appx. $500) comes with a three-month subscription to their simulator, where you can go on three-dimensional rides, participate in classes, and even race while it automatically adjusts based on the terrain you see on the screen Buy Bkool Smart Bike Test reports Customer evaluations Quick delivery Free delivery! More than 3.181.864 satisfied customers Europe's No. 1 for home fitness Trust our customers. Currently 78.308 product ratings. FITSHOP Europe's No. 1 for Home Fitness. 8 advisors on the phon

Bkool has a new direct drive smart trainer called the Smart Air Lite that allows you to ride in the brand's own virtual world as well as on Zwift, TrainerRoad and other third-party platforms. Priced £750, it is considerably cheaper than the existing Smart Air Bkool heeft de meest realistische direct drive fietstrainer gemaakt. Deze Bkool Smart Air geeft het gevoel alsof je buiten aan het fietsen bent. Het realistisch binnen trainen is het uitgangspunt geweest bij het ontwerp van de Bkool Smart Air . Nieuwe Powermeter - Een geavanceerde infrarood sensor meet de interne temperatuur om de kracht te mete This smart bike is a great pick for spinning fans, but the closed Bkool ecosystem will be off-putting for some facebook twitter pinterest Nick Harris-Fry 7 Aug 2018Advertisement When settin Stages heeft met de Stages SB20 Smart Bike een nieuwe standaard gezet op gebied van indoor training. De Stages Bike is een interactieve indoor bike met ingebouwde Stages Dual Sided vermogensmeter waarmee je jouw conditie kunt blijven verbeteren, terwijl het buiten slecht weer is

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  1. Manual. Getting started - BKOOL Smart Bike - BKOOL
  2. Bkool Smart Bike Exercise Bike Review Coac
  3. Bkool Smart Bike review - YouTub
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  5. Bkool Smart Air Fietstrainer koop je bij Futurumshop
  6. Bkool Fietstrainer Kopen? De beste Simulators van Bkool
  7. Indoor Fietsen Bkool Smart Bike + 3 maanden premium
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